About Us

About Us


"A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business" - Henry Ford


We are an award winning privately owned New Zealand Company, where smart business owners save time and money.
We buy Top Quality used Office furniture from executive companies and offer surplus new items too!
A huge quantity of quality office furniture at incredible value ex corporate offices at a fraction of the original price.  Best quality at knock down prices.  We sell NZ wide and export.

George Walkers Office Furniture Megastore

Going Going Gone

George Walkers (A continuation in name since 1908) Originally Pioneers of the auction industry in NZ dealing in antiques real estate as well as estate auctions and general autcions. Many of George Walkers customers go back in generations and remember well the joys of an on site auction where the house hold effects were sold room by room and generous box lots of curios were won and then on to the star of the show The Property.
Our Service Includes
  • Buy/Sell Office Furniture
  • *Fit Outs
  • *Office Furniture Removals
  • *Free Quotes
  • *Plan your office space and needs
  • *Lease/Hire Office Furniture-Boardroom Table Hire

  • Auctioneers
  • *Charity
  • *Property 
  • *Onsite

  • Valuations
  • *Chattels (Matrimonial,Estate,Depreciation)



Q. Do you deliver?
A. Yes. There is a minimum fee of $70 for delivery and price is determined by a  number of factors. Do the items have to go upstairs? How many items? Is there easy access for a truck etc.

Q. Can I come and view your stock?
A. Yes. We have a huge showroom at 318 Rosebank Road, Avondale which is open to the public 9am-4pm mon-fri and 9am-12pm sat.

Q. What days do you do auctions?
A. We do not hold public auctions on our premises, our auctions are all done on the vendors site.

Q. Do you hire for films and commercials?
A. Yes. Price depends on the items that are required and the length of time they are required for. Come and see us to get a price for the items you need.

Q. Do your filing cabinets come with keys?
A. Yes and No. Some do come with keys and some do not. We have contacts for keys for most cabinets so you can easily obtain keys for around $10-$12

Q. Will you take our old Furniture away?
A. Please send us some photos to sales@georgewalkers.co.nz and we will make you an offer if it is something we are interested in.

Q. Are you negotiable on price?
A. We can be it all depends on the items concerned and the quantity being bought.

Q. Can we pay on account?
A. Presently we are cash and carry but in some instances we are able to do this for some of our repeat customers.

Assets to Cash

  • We sell all new and used Corporate Office Furniture. A business in Auckland since 1908, and more recently on Trade me since 2003.
  • The company deals particularly in the disposition of assets on behalf of companies, estates and liquidators.  House lots, Stock Liquidation, Loan Companies and On Site Auctions a Specialty.
  • We buy bulk Top Quality used Office furniture from executive companies, which are relocating, downsizing or refurbishing. 
  • Supporting Business sustainability
  • Our Customers are expanding companies and Entrepreneurs as well as community organizations.


George Walkers works with corporate NZ companies helping them choose the most sustainable option for them whether moving/expanding or liquidating..
Our tag line is WHY BUY NEW? We find that ex corporate office furniture is the best quality and has stood the test of time - often the furniture is quite new and the only reason for selling is it does not work logistically if a client has 50 or more staff waiting for the furniture to be RE FITTED - staff are moved to an IN-SITU already set up offices as there is no productivity for the business while they are waiting for the reset and also often the existing furniture does not fit the new space efficiently..
I will attach a photo of a fit out we did saving the client 10s of thousands of dollars, this customer has been a repeat customer setting up branches all over NZ..
In some cases we blend new furniture with ex corporate to even further reduce the costs saving $$s on the budget..
We sell to over 3000 nz companies per year over 7000 items 5000 CUBIC METERS that does not reach land fill as well as over 2000 further  cubic meters donated to the community..
Carriers remove from the site and deliver to our Megastore in Rosebank Rd - prices paid for job lots of furniture is determined by age and degree of labour for removal - when removal costs are too great the client pays for the removal and GW pays a contribution to help - GW takes the good and the bad regardless as this is the service we stand by to help our customers in their transition as often TIME is the issue..
Storage is also a huge issue to our customers as well as ourselves there for fast turnover on budget items as well as donating is paramount..
GW  refurbish recover and re design much of the furniture..partitions are a specialty of GW due to the original cost can be 10s of thousands of dollars - an example of this is a new partition can cost over $500 where ours start at $80
We refurbish the best quality chairs often the mechanism is top end and the fabric faded example of this is a spectrum 3 chair is over $500 ours refurbished are $275 - there are also chairs form $50..
GW has a  community value which in turn keeps the history and sustainability of GW tied to the past as auctioneers..
GW does not charge for any charity events ..