Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine.

George Walkers Office Furniture Megastore does not only provide solutions to clients’ office furnishing, removal and fit out needs; the shop is also committed to serving the communities and the people. We have been helping clients raise funds through charity auctions for many years. Call us if you would like us to be part of your project; we are more than willing to help.

To organise your charity auction, we need the complete information about the event, the people you are expecting to join, the date and time, and the items to be auctioned. Headed by Michelle Maitland, our team would be glad to work with your organising committee to make the event a successful one. We will make sure everything will go as planned so you can achieve your goals for the auction.

About Michelle Maitland

Michelle Maitland is an experienced auctioneer with a genuine passion to help people and make valuable contributions to the communities she and her business serve. She is the Managing Director for George Walkers Office Furniture Megastore and is one of the most popular charity auctioneers in the country.

Michelle Maitland is an executive member of New Zealand Licensed Auctioneers and a board member for Auctioneers Association of NZ. She has worked with many charitable organisations and is still passionate about helping clients raise funds through charity auctions. Browse our website to learn more about Michelle.

auction event

Michelle doing her thing at the GABA Annual Charity Auction and Dinner

"Like many who grew up without much, I learnt great survival skills and remember my first Auction when I was about 7 years old, the auctioneer was just like Santa so I decided anything is possible then! Much later I realised that then I had made a decision that day to become an Auctioneer." Michelle Maitland

Michelle at the Westpac Rescure Chopper Appeal Charity Auction 2012

At George Walkers Office Furniture Megastore, we know there are people who are willing to share what they have. As auctioneers, we recognise the fact that giving is more exciting and fulfilling if you are getting something in return. In this case, we are selling old and refurbished office furniture and other items to raise money for a good cause. By joining a charity auction, people get a chance to help change lives and take home a variety of goods.

Why We Do Charity Auctions?
- Notes from Michelle Maitland

  • At the core of who I am is the opportunity to give..
  • Coming from a background where I know what struggle and survival is and the difference a helping hand or word can make to a life..
  • We love to help.
  • Family business that is community driven..
  • The cycle of our business is driven by loss and opportunity
  • It is easy for us to make a difference with communities by providing our service and knowledge freely..
  • I have mentioned all the ones we have done.
  • We can help with flow of auctions lists of related items for audiences.
  • How to gain the best results in the shortest times.
  • Advantages of silent and raffle sales
  • Pledges
  • Process of auctions 
  • Lay out
  • Best ways to promote
  • Areas of added value to create highest dollar value
  • Specialist auctioneer with performance results certificate and stage training for audience participation. Advanced presenter.
  • Advice to advertise donors..
  • Promote your company for free win win.. in making a difference, services and products.


We had the pleasure of having Michelle as our auctioneer on Saturday night for a fundraising event for our son. She was professional, fun & everyone raved about how great she was. We raised a lot of money for a good cause, which a large part was due to Michelle.

Michelle has been our Auctioneer extraordinaire for five years now. The Gaba Charitable Trust raises funds mainly through our annual auction and without Michelle and her enthusiastic relationship with the bidders we'd not get to the totals we do. $18,500 raised this year ('10) for our community!!! We love working with Michelle and value her time given, advice and engagement with our organising committee

we have had the honor for the last 2 years from Michelle to host our Daffodil Day annual fund raising auctions and without Michelle's expertise, grace and pizazz our functions would not have been possible.

Have seen Michelle Maitland performing her magic on stage several times at charity auctions, you don’t mind paying too much for a holiday in Queensland or a round of golf in the rain when your entertained and smiling this much. Michelle has charm, humour and a great ability to get the audience reaching into their pockets a little deeper than we intended.

I have been using Michelle's services for over 5 years now. She is one of the best Auctioneers I have come across. She has been the Auctioneer at 7 Charity Auctions I have been involved in