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How we can help you with your Office Fit Out Requirements?

We have been dealing in Office Furniture now for a decade and can answer any questions you may have. Which chair is most ergonomic? Which desks will last the longest? What filing solution will take the best knocks? We know all there is to know about office furniture.

We can provide Ex-Corporate, New and Custom made furniture for your new Office Fit Out and sort out the installation so there is nothing for you to worry about.

Is your business expanding? We know how important cash flow is, have you thought about matching to your existing furniture? Doing a mix of new and ex-corporate furniture can bring costs down substantially and we can also offer finance or lease options.

Corporate companies in NZ fit out their new office when they move instead of taking their existing furniture with them, this saves money for them as there is no staff downtime and means we can offer you top of the line furniture that has barely been used at a fraction of the cost.

As part of our service we can offer you Free quotes and floor plans and even provide you with options that you may not have considered eg. Refurbished office partitions, Refurbished Office chairs.



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Selecting office furniture can be challenging. With so many office furniture Auckland based businesses out there, your task becomes even more difficult. Whether you’re opening a new office or are simply ready for upgraded office fit outs, we want to help.

Before you select your furniture, consider a few tips to speed up the browsing process.

Tip #1. Choose comfort over price.

While it may be tempting to save a few extra dollars, think of furniture as a long-term investment. Choose a chair and desk that supports your staff as they work long hours for your business.

Tip #2. Take measurements.

Before you shop take measurements of your office space to avoid overcrowding. Select items that fit comfortably within your space.

Tip #3. Don’t overlook color.

Morale is effected by surroundings. Select office furniture that motivates your staff with a color scheme that inspires.

Of course, to save money and get high quality office furniture in Auckland, you should shop with a company you can trust. George Walkers is that company.

Benefits of Choosing George Walkers

At George Walkers, we not only sell you the highest quality office furniture available, but we also help with the delivery and install. Our office fit outs are designed to make your life easier. We also happily answer all of your questions, everything from which chair is the most ergonomically accurate to what fitting solution is right for your office.

When you shop with us we offer free quotes and free design plans for your entire office! We can also help match your current furniture with in-stock brands and make your move simple with furniture removal services.

As New Zealand’s Largest office furniture megastore, we guarantee that you’ll find something to suit your taste and office space in our selection. Reap the benefits of a professional, experienced and expanding office fit outs supplier by shopping with us today.

Why Buy New?

  • ·         Save up to 70%
  • ·         Free Quotes and Design Plan
  • ·         Stock available today -  no 6 week  lead time
  • ·         Expanding? We can blend with your existing furniture
  • ·         Quality Guaranteed
  • ·         Making moving simple
  • ·         Removal service for old furniture

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“If you buy things you don't need, you will soon sell things you need” - Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet cartoon



Too often companies move because their space no longer works for them due to expansion.

The financial cost as well productivity cost can be overwhelming especially during growth times.

Consider re-designing existing office space to better suit your companies needs and efficiency.

A simple example of this is to change desk configuration and size, often this adds value in the area of team and communications between departments.

The trend on hot desks as well as coffee shop business is growing as rapidly as technology itself.

Technology such as paperless offices allow more cash flow and less expenses on rent & storage


Why Buy new? Your business can still reflect success and look great as well as serve the needs of your team and customers

 Ex Corporate Office Furniture is quality guaranteed and has stood the test of time as well as as fitting industry guarantees and requirements.

Blend existing furniture with your new fit out – sustainability is a key ingredient for success in business.

Many successful profitable businesses on paper fail due to lack of cash flow.


“too many cooks spoil the broth”

Whether moving or expanding identify one clear leader that communicates and manages the transition allowing all other team members to carry on business as usual..

Make decisions based on what works well now and what does not, this allows for clear communication and easy planning going forward.

Always keep a hot desk – down time costs money and business

Inform customers/clients – keep them in the loop explain the benefits to them for your move or expansion..


About twenty percent of the people are against any change.” – Robert F. Kennedy.

While it’s normal to resist change, this is largely due to fear of the unknown. Most people prefer predictability.

Create change as a benefit

 Communication is critical inform staff processes involved i.e. What, When, How, Who and what success will look like.

Support help and encourage staff by involving and eliciting their feedback, this will give them a sense of control during the change

Implement reward incentives during this time they do not have to be costly and often can be fun.


Time to declutter – storage is treated as an initial problem solver that leads to $$$s down the drain- heavily impacting cash flow..


Be clear on what is being re used and replaced.

Reception area is your critical first impression that reflects your brand and values.


Set up a remote office to ensure all systems continue during the transition

Schedule ahead of time all of your systems, phones, computers and networks- No communications = no business.

Currently we can offer Finance on new items through Flexi Rent. Please contact us or click on the following link to find out how this could work for you and your business.