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George Walkers is an award winning privately owned New Zealand Company, where business owners save time.

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You can choose the perfect match for your existing office or your new business we have something for all budgets.

New Zealand's Largest Office Furniture Megastore

Selecting office furniture can be challenging. With so many office furniture Auckland based businesses out there, your task becomes even more difficult. Whether you’re opening a new office or are simply ready for upgraded office fit outs, we want to help.

Before you select your furniture, consider a few tips to speed up the browsing process.

Tip #1. Choose comfort over price.

While it may be tempting to save a few extra dollars, think of furniture as a long-term investment. Choose a chair and desk that supports your staff as they work long hours for your business.

Tip #2. Take measurements.

Before you shop take measurements of your office space to avoid overcrowding. Select items that fit comfortably within your space.

Tip #3. Don’t overlook color.

Morale is effected by surroundings. Select office furniture that motivates your staff with a color scheme that inspires.

Of course, to save money and get high quality office furniture in Auckland, you should shop with a company you can trust. George Walkers is that company.

Benefits of Choosing George Walkers

At George Walkers, we not only sell you the highest quality office furniture available, but we also help with the delivery and install. Our office fit outs are designed to make your life easier. We also happily answer all of your questions, everything from which chair is the most ergonomically accurate to what fitting solution is right for your office.

When you shop with us we offer free quotes and free design plans for your entire office! We can also help match your current furniture with in-stock brands and make your move simple with furniture removal services.

As New Zealand’s Largest office furniture megastore, we guarantee that you’ll find something to suit your taste and office space in our selection. Reap the benefits of a professional, experienced and expanding office fit outs supplier by shopping with us today.

George Walkers Megastore Showroom

George Walkers sell NZ wide and export. 

Recycle and Save

George Walkers proudly supports business sustainability, by recycling best quality used office furniture.

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You can join thousands of smart business owners who are making an environmental difference as well as saving yourself valuable time and money. 

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Some Handy Hints for a more efficient work environment

  • Your office should be as comfortable as your home or you will want to leave
  • Tidy and clutter, make a list of the essentials and store all else
  • Choose office furniture that is easy to get more of when expanding
  • Mix matching adds confusion and looks un-professional
  • Beautify your office inspiring pictures and words
  • Surround yourself with your goals and aspirations by images
  • If there is natural light use it.
  • Ventilate and too hot or too cold equals uncomfortable
  • De-clutter daily for best results
  • Reception area impact on arrival should impress
  • Provide success stories in print, flowers mantis etc. all add to the experience.
  • This is your stage!

Advantages of Used Office Furniture

Used or new? This is an important point to consider when planning your budget. To get better value for money on furnishing your office, go for used furniture where you can. This option is more cost effective and you will be surprised at the better quality of the items that offices normally discard, and any new furniture devalues immediately.

Upgrade Your Workspace

Spending long hours at an office is a part of life for most working people. Whether you realize it or not, you spend a great deal of your life in an office, in fact it may even be the best part of the day! Whether you are in an office building or your office is at home, it is important that it be suitably furnished and reflect not only order and efficiency, but must also be comfortable and have a suitable theme or style. 

The decor of your office can inspire you or depress you - even more ominously it can tell people something about you! It is therefore necessary for you to have an office space that has the mark of sophistication and is yet capable of inviting people with its appeal. The problem is in how to achieve this cheaply. 

Since a tacky decor can kill all positive impressions, ideally you want cheap furniture which is tasteful at the same time. There are many discount office furniture ideas for offices on a tight budget; your job is to make sure you know what sort of style you want your office to have. These will in turn be determined by other considerations like the type of equipment that your office is likely to require, the amount of money you are willing to shell out etc. 

Before you utter one word to any client that walks through your door, your office furniture will already be doing the talking for you. So what is it saying to your clients? Is it a statement of welcome to our successful business, or is it saying please don’t leave, we really are desperate for your money because we have none.

It is not the clothes that make the man? The same can be said about your office furniture. You may have also heard the term about dressing for the job you want and not the job you have. Your furniture is not an exception. Picture the look that your furniture is saying about your business. Does it look old and shabby and cheap or does it say you are here to stay when other businesses are failing.

If you walk into an office that is well put together then you imagine that the business is doing well. It may be a lie but the company is putting off the image that they are in business and doing well. The same can be said for your office and you do not have to spend a lot of money in your upgrade if you do it in a smart and economic way.


We are in 318 Rosebank Rd Avondale Auckland just easy minutes by the North Western Motorway from the Auckland Central Business District (CBD). See map:

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