Serena Maitland

I'll kick this off with a confession.

I’ve got a thing for boxers.

Something about their power, speed, and big hearts just gets me.

But I’m sure you know someone who’s smitten like me because so many New Zealanders fall in love with these athletes… and take someone home they can’t handle.

That's why if you can't find me here at the George Walkers HQ, you can bet I'll be out rescuing and rehabilitating the ones who need it.

My charity's called Boxers and Bullies, and if you've got any questions about dogs, I'm always excited to have a chat.

But while I'd love to talk your ear off about them (and Summer, sitting next to me, would love it too), I should tell you about my alter ego instead.

The Robin Hoods of Office Furniture

We aren’t wearing tights and playing with bows and arrows. But us girls (Mum, Grandma and I), spend Monday to Saturday on a mission to do our bit for locals and the planet.

We're buying top-of-the-line furniture from NZ's biggest corporates, tidying it up, and putting it in the hands of small businesses. It makes premium options affordable for everyone, and stops hundreds of tons of furniture from heading to the landfill.

If you're fitting-out an office soon, pressing the button below is all you need to do for a free quote and floor plan. Chances are, I'll be the one coming out to say hello!

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