Tambour Cabinets

Tambour Cabinets

You've decided to give second hand office furniture a try—which is a smart and budget-savvy move for your business. If plan to outfit your office space with one or more tambour cabinets, you are making a good choice. Tambour cabinets are outfitted with special doors that allow easy access to your items inside without needing a whole lot of clearance to open. George Walkers Office Furniture stocks an ever-evolving inventory of well-built tambour cabinets in a range of different finishes and materials to suit your needs – all of them in tip-top shape and priced to please your budget.

Advantages of Second Hand Tambour Cabinets

Second hand office furniture and previously owned or refurbished tambour cabinets from George Walkers comes to you at great savings compared to its normal retail value when new. We are top buyers of ex-corporate furniture in Auckland and surrounding areas, traveling throughout NZ to find the best furnishings for our valued customers. We source our second hand tambour cabinets and other high-quality second hand office furniture from companies and businesses who are remodeling and going for a different look, going out of business and liquidating their property, or even moving to a new location and opting for new furniture for a new fit out. Either way, the significant savings are passed right along to you.

Benefits of Tambour Cabinets

Tambour cabinets can be a beneficial part of your new office fit out. The doors on this style of cabinet roll back into a recess in the cabinet's base or other area. Because the doors do not swing out to open, you can work a tambour cabinet into a minimal amount of space, which is an intelligent way to add storage to an office, workstation or even a cubicle. And since the tambour door on these cabinets rolls out of the way, you can gain full access to the shelves inside your cabinet for easy reloading or unloading of supplies and other items. Tambour cabinets come in a range of styles, including mobile drawers, credenzas, and storage cabinets. Choose a model with a key to control access to your tambour cabinet's contents to prevent unauthorized use.

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