Soft Seating

Soft Seating

The very best of new or used sofas and other office-furnishing necessities are easy to find when you come in to our George Walkers Office Furniture showroom. We do the legwork for you, searching all over the country to discover the very best of gently used office furniture from familiar and trusted brands, passing monumental savings along to you. Only select, well-built furniture pieces are allowed to join our inventory, so you can always be sure that whatever you buy from George Walkers meets or exceeds your expectations.

Why Get Secondhand Sofas from George Walkers Office Furniture?

Your company’s bottom line is important to you, but at the same time you need to obtain the best quality furnishing products you can afford. Brand-new office furniture can eat up a significant portion of your available budget, but when you purchase used sofas from George Walkers, you can acquire what you need and have funds left for other important considerations. Large, well-established companies frequently redecorate as part of rebranding or a move, eliminating mountains of beautiful, barely used furniture that often looks as good as new. Our experienced buyers come in and scoop up that furniture, which we’re then able to sell to you at a fantastic price for your office upgrade or fit-out. Our people recognize the best and most worthy pieces when it comes to such furnishings, and you reap the benefits of our effort when you pick up quality secondhand furniture at a fraction of what you’d pay for similar new items.

Used Sofas from George Walkers

Come on in and shop at George Walkers to locate just the right sofa for any room. We have sofas for every conceivable purpose. Choose sleek, modern-looking sofas and/or loveseats for your building’s lobby, and outfit executive offices with cozy couches. Select sleeper sofas for those late nights when you have a deadline to meet and don’t want to go all the way home and back. Leather-upholstered sofas give your office an upscale look, while sofas with fabric upholstery are homier and more welcoming. Make a lasting impression on your clientele with sofas that keep them happy while they wait. Plush sofas and loveseats with well-padded backs and seat cushions ensure their comfort in your waiting or reception area. Visit our showroom to browse the always-changing inventory of sofas that bring beauty, style and productivity to your office now – for less.