About Us


For New Zealand businesses that are committed to leading the way in innovative and sustainable office environments.
At the heart of our business model, are two core aspects– Sustainable and Affordable office furniture solutions for corporate business. Recycling, Repurposing and creating a sustainable circular economy has been a model we have been using since our conception. Have you ever wondered how you can reduce your environmental impact and sustainably source the best quality office furniture while still sticking to a budget? George Walkers can help you do that.

Who are we?

Serena and Michelle are a family team who run the largest Office Furniture Showroom in New Zealand. Michelle has always been passionate about auctioneering and completed her apprenticeship with George Walkers. When tough times sent the George Walkers Auction House into liquidation, Michelle seized the chance and bought it. Michelle, knowing change was needed, put everything on the line and bought six full floors of office furniture from an accounting firm...

And that's when it clicked (and George Walkers Office Furniture was created). Our planet and small businesses were dying for used corporate furniture. By recycling premium equipment from the big guys who didn’t need it, we diverted tons of amazing furniture from heading to the landfill, and instead made it affordable for everyone.


What we do:

We recycle, we repurpose, and we focus on a circular economy for corporate office furniture. Making affordable, sustainable office furniture available to everyone.

Our Partnership with your business will also run deeper than that. We work with you to understand your needs around space, time, budget and design. We are then able to purpose build an office floor plan, and purchasing plan to meet your core needs.

We also buy furniture: Has your lease run out? Are you moving office? Are you looking to change the design of your office furniture? You can reduce your environmental impact when disposal of office furniture is necessary.