Selling and Relocation

Our office relocation service is comprehensive and easy. George Walkers are able to work with you to position where we can recycle, donate and repurpose your current office furniture. We work to reduce the impact on your time by making this process simple and easy.

George Walkers process for relocation is unique as we also Buy furniture: there are many costs involved which influence our "Buy Price.

  • Refurbishment – cleaning and repairs along with the labour costs involved with moving which can more often then not need 2 people.
  • Transportation – Vehicles and labour to move Furniture
  • Storage and Display – Having a premises big enough to store office lots of furniture and still be able to display

Costs to consider when you are relocating are time, storage, landfill, transport and labour as well as logistics. Often this can cost more than refurbishment due to the down time of staff and business disruption. 

 Purchasing effective solutions for your office

Whether you are expanding, relocating, or you need to reconfigure space to meet the comfort and productivity requirements of your team. We can help plan and optimise your operational flow to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our team of professional can help you choose the items that will work best for your new or existing workspace. Arrange a custom design floor plan. Allowing us to reconfigure your space by blending existing and repurposed furniture. This can save tens of thousands of dollars while creating an exclusive new look that compliments your brand.


Our sustainability measures do not just reach to buying and selling, but we also have a range of corporate and event furniture that can be hired. We have a large range of office and event furniture for hire.

We guarantee to respond with an accurate hire quote within 3 hours, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Our Hire process is focused on FLEXIBLE TERMS - Short and long term hire is at the heart of what we offer, we also offer a 'rent to own' opportunity. This is particularly advantageous for organisations that want to gain greater control of their working capital.


George Walkers Office Furniture work in partnership with Crown Relocations. This partnership is incredibly important to George Walkers as Crown and FIL holds sustainable work practices at the core of their office relocation processes.

FIL state We specialise in the sale and lease of high quality second hand upcycled workspace furniture.  Our sustainable work practices tick all of the boxes as businesses look more and more to meet their social, environmental and economic targets.”

George Walkers live and breath creating a sustainable and circular economy for Office Furniture. Our partnerships are incredibly important to the growth and tenability of the repurposed high quality office furniture industry.   

More and more corporate businesses are reviewing the cost to the environment and their budgets when looking at purchasing new furniture. Partnering with George Walkers, means you can take a new approach; new is not the only option.