Electric Desks

Electric Desks

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If you’re looking to upgrade your workspace with an electric desk, consider buying second hand from us at George Walkers Office Furniture. Not only do we have the biggest showroom in Auckland, but we only stock the very best, highest quality furniture pieces in our inventory. Our buyers go above and beyond when it comes to purchasing gently used ex-corporate furniture, ensuring that our customers only have the very best items to choose from when the time comes to furnish their offices.

Gently Used Electric Office Desk from George Walkers Furniture

There are many benefits to using an electric desk, the biggest one being that it enables you to stand while you work, promoting a healthier lifestyle that you can easily incorporate into your workday. You can easily adjust the height of your electric office desk using a control panel, so you can stand up and move around while you work, or even raise your desk high enough to fit a desk bike beneath it, allowing you to get a workout while you work.

While electric desks are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world, they can also be quite costly. Here at our George Walkers Office Furniture showroom, we offer you an affordable alternative with our second hand electric office desks—and you can always rest assured that the desk you buy is in like-new condition.

Visit our showroom and browse our selection of electric desks today.