Reception Chairs

Reception Chairs

Time to replace or upgrade your office's meeting chairs? Then it's time to head over to George Walkers Office Furniture's Auckland showroom. We have a huge stock of gently used second hand meeting chairs from some of the biggest brands in the office furniture industry, all at bottom-dollar prices to help you save big on a new office fit out or remodel. Your business thrives on the impression it makes on others—including clients, customers and even its own employees, so it makes sense to have comfortable office furniture in place for your meeting and conference rooms. And that's where George Walkers Office Furniture comes in.

Second Hand Office Furniture – Meeting Chairs from Top Brands

Like most businesses, you likely operate on a budget, and getting the most for your hard-earned dollars is crucial to your business' success. If you've been looking at new meeting chairs, then you already have a good idea of the expense that they present. George Walkers is Auckland's biggest second hand office furniture retailer. We buy up refurbished and previously owned office furniture from big companies and corporate entities when they decide to liquidate, move shop, or even remodel. The savings that we provide on second hand office furniture versus new is substantial, even though the quality of the products in or lineup is second to none. Shop us first to find high-end office furniture that meets your needs, from meeting chairs and reception furniture to conference tables and more.

Buying Second Hand Meeting Chairs

George Walkers Office Furniture takes pride in only bringing the cream of the crop to our customers when our buyers select items for our showroom. We put our used furniture purchases through quality checks to ensure that each piece that arrives in our clients' hands is worthy of our name. Many times the furniture that we buy has been barely used at all; companies often change the look of their offices and get rid of the "old" furniture they have to meet a new aesthetic purpose. We take advantage of this fact and pass the savings on exceptional furniture for the office on to you. Shop our showroom to find basic meeting chairs with padded seat and back cushions that make long meetings more comfortable, conference room chairs that are designed to make executives feel pampered, and break room chairs with ergonomic backs and arms to help employees relax and unwind while they enjoy a cup of coffee.

Visit Our Showroom

Check out George Walkers Office Furniture's showroom now to see the quality products and amazing prices for yourself. Our aim is to save you big on your next office fit out, so stop by now to see how we can be of service.