Pod Systems

Pod Systems

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If you’re looking to upgrade your open office space with an office pod system, look no further than our George Walkers Office Furniture showroom. We search high and low throughout New Zealand to find the very best gently used office pod systems from well-reputed brands and then offer them at a price that fits your budget. We only offer well-built, high-quality furniture in our showroom, ensuring that you only receive items that either meet or exceed your expectations.

Gently Used Office Pod Systems

Here at George Walkers, we offer a wide selection of office pod systems at an affordable price to meet your office needs. Choose from privacy dividers, work cubicles, cubby shelves, and a variety of enclosed work stations to add style and functionality to your open office space. Office pod systems are an excellent choice for adding private work spaces, waiting areas, and relaxation rooms to your open-office layout while remaining within your company’s budget. Our gently used office pod systems allows you to remodel your work space, for only a fraction of the price.

Visit our showroom to browse our collection of office pod systems when you’re ready to upgrade your office with privacy dividers, work cubicles, cubbies, and other items that add aesthetic and increase productivity to your office space, all for an affordable price.