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Reception Desks

Reception Desks

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A reception desk serves as the central point of contact in a lobby or entrance area of a building, designed to welcome visitors and facilitate administrative tasks. It is typically larger and more imposing than standard desks, often featuring a prominent and professional design to make a strong first impression. Reception desks may include features like built-in storage, transaction counters, and integrated technology such as phones or computers for efficient reception management. They are strategically positioned to ensure easy access for receptionists while maintaining a welcoming and organised appearance for guests and clients.

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About this Collection

Buying the most attractive, impressive reception desk possible makes a lot of sense—and buying a second hand reception desk from George Walkers Office Furniture is also a smart move. Your reception area is one of the most important parts of your office layout, since it is here that you meet and greet potential clients and customers. And it's also where they form their first impression of your business and what you have to offer. George Walkers Office Furniture has made a name for itself in Auckland by providing high-quality office furniture, including reception desks and chairs, at the best possible prices. Our furniture is second hand, but it is second to none, since we only purchase the best pieces for our showroom.

Why Buy Second Hand Office Furniture?

When large corporations and businesses move, remodel, or even go out of business, they liquidate any unwanted office furniture from their books. And that's where we come in. Or professional buyers travel all over NZ to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop, when it comes to ex-corporate furniture. Many times, this furniture is in new condition, just waiting for a new place to call home. We have stringent guidelines about what we buy for our inventory, from the brands we accept to the condition of the items we purchase. This means you can rest assured that every item we sell is of high quality and will stand up to rigorous use in your fit out.

Selecting Your Second Hand Reception Desk

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best reception desk for your office. Size, design, material, and aesthetics all come into play. Our team is trained to help you not only find a desk that meets your needs—from freestanding models to desks that accommodate multiple receptionists at once—but that also fits your space. Ask us about our free layout and floorplan options that take the guesswork out of fitting your second hand finds into your current office.

Visit Our Auckland Second Hand Furniture Showroom

At George Walkers Office Furniture, we have the proud distinction of owning the largest second hand office furniture showroom in Auckland. Our inventory is incredible and it's always changing, giving you access to top-of-the-line furniture products your business needs to succeed. Our aim is to make your next office fit out the most affordable ever and help you find the best reception desk for your needs. Visit our showroom today to see our great deal and the amazing savings waiting for you in person.

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