Flip Tables

Flip Tables

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One of the most versatile office furniture options is the flip table, and George Walkers Office Furniture is happy to bring you high-quality, barely used ex-corporate flip tables at significant savings over new. A flip table, as the name suggests, has a top that flips up vertically for easy storage and is on casters for quick and convenient portability. This type of table offers a fast way to add a usable work surface to an area and then remove it just as quickly when it is no longer needed. Our inventory includes tables of various sizes and designs for your selection.

Why Buy Second Hand Flip Tables?

George Walkers Office Furniture has built a reputation for bringing you the best office furniture in Auckland at substantially less cost than new. We do this by buying up liquidated and ex-corporate furniture surplus from all across NZ. The savings you see reflects not on the quality of the items we sell, but on the way that we buy them. We stock only the top brands, filling our showroom with top-notch office furniture for less.

Visit Our Auckland Showroom

Over the decades, we've built a reputation for giving Auckland business owners what they need without breaking their budgets. Visit our Auckland showroom today to find flip table and other office furniture for far less than regular retail.