George Walkers' focus is quality. Custom made and internationally recognised brands maintain better value than unbranded and mix-matched products.

Costs to consider when you are relocating are time, storage, transport and labour as well as logistics. Often this can cost more than refurbishment due to the down time of staff and business disruption.

Best way to determine whether you need to sell your furniture or not would be to contact a specialised office furniture mover and storage provider to get a gauge on the costs involved and make an informed decision on the best way to proceed forward.

RBL Commercial Moving

To maintain being Sustainable and in a position where we can recycle, donate and refurbish there are many costs involved which influence our "Buy Price"

  • Refurbishment – cleaning and repairs along with the labour costs involved with moving which can more often then not need 2 people.
  • Transportation – Vehicles and Labour to move Furniture
  • Storage and Display – Having a premises big enough to store office lots of furniture and still be able to display

Far too many times we have seen companies put their furniture into storage as it seemed like the easiest way to manage it at the time but the costs incurred a few years down the track end up being higher than what they can now sell their dated and aged furniture.