When considering your new office fit out, be sure to keep office partitions in mind. George Walkers Office Furniture offers an always-changing inventory of gently used second hand office furniture, including some of the best partitions by the biggest brands, all at exceptionally low prices that meet or go under your fit out budget. Office partitions are an integral part of a well-planned office, since they delegate the space that each employee has to do their work and afford some semblance of privacy in many different applications.

Buying Second Hand Partitions

It makes good business sense to look at second hand office furniture, including office partitions, when you are setting up your new office or revamping your existing headquarters. George Walkers offers amazing deals on some of the best brands in this niche—including names like Bush Business Furniture, Obex and HON—companies you know and trust for high-quality items that are built to last. We are premiere second hand office furniture buyers in Auckland and surrounding cities, and we've built a solid reputation on bringing our customers the products they need for less. When businesses liquidate their previously owned items, George Walkers steps in and buys them up at a huge discount. The items we sell are hand-selected by our buyers for their lasting quality; many of them are like new only much more affordable, so you always stay on budget. Let us help you plan your office fit out, from the partitions you'll need for individual workstations to the desks and chairs that you'll place in each.

Office Partitions from George Walkers Office Furniture

Our team has decades of experience when it comes to putting offices "together." Let us help you with a free layout and floor plan that incorporates office partitions that meet your needs. From basic panels and walls to connectors, cubicles and room dividers, we are skilled when it comes to getting the maximum usage out of the square footage you have available—all with an eye to helping your team be its most productive and comfortable.

Visit Our Showroom

As a smart business leader, you know that your bottom line is one of the most important figures on your financial statement. Coming in under budget on your office fit out is easy when you choose second hand office furniture from George Walkers. Let out team show you how to get the most for your money when selecting high-quality, well-built office furniture and partitions. Visit our showroom now to take a look at our available inventory.