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We are an award winning, privately owned New Zealand Company, designing smart business solutions at an affordable price.

Our experience (more than 25 years with a team from the industry) and industrial knowledge allows us to offer competitive solutions to meet your needs.


Our Services

One stop corporate solution at affordable rates:

Buy and retail
second-hand corporate furniture



Design, Supply & Installation of Office Furniture


Our Focus


George Walkers proudly supports business sustainability. We save over 5000 cubic meters every year by recycling quality ex-corporate furniture.

Innovation Quality

George Walkers can refurbish, recover and redesign office furniture. We specialize in partitions and offer competitive rates ranging from as low as $80, without compromising on quality.


We Value

People · Diversity · Community · Environment


Does This Sound Familiar?

Constrained with budget?

We have a solution for everyone with a wide range of variety at affordable prices.


We only take the best quality ex-corporate furniture.

Overwhelming options?

We have dedicated staff to guide you through based on your needs and current setup.

Struggling with old Office Layout

We can redesign your old office layout to keep up with new furniture trends.

Damages to furniture when relocating

Our utmost priority when relocating is handling. We ensure that the furniture is handled with care.

Tired of following up deliveries

You just need to place the orders and we shall handle the rest.


We save 5000 cubic meters of furniture from going into landfill every year by refurbishing, recovering and redesigning. We are also associated with many charitable organizations and offer further discount to NGO organizations.

Finding a match to your current setup

We customize the furniture as per your needs (colour themes and sizes).


We Are Here To Help


Explore our products



Why George Walkers?

We offer Online and instore purchases

We Guarantee Quality & Savings

We care for the environment

We are committed to ethical business practices

We give back to society by supporting the   communities we serve in.

We are associated with charitable organizations.

We value people and the environment

We Partner with our employees

We ensure sustainable work policies

We are a family firm, run by females of 3 generations

We design solutions to suit the budget

We offer the most competitive deals


What Our Customers Say


How we can help you with your office fit out requirements?

We have been dealing in office furniture now for a decade and can answer any questions you may have. Which chair is most ergonomic? Which desks will last the longest? What filing solution will take the most knocks? We know all there is to know about office furniture.

We can provide ex-corporate, new and custom-made furniture for your office fit out and sort out the installation, so there is less for you to worry about.

Is your business expanding?

We know how important cash flow is, doing a mix of new and ex-corporate furniture can bring costs down substantially and we can also offer finance or lease options.

Corporate companies in NZ often fit out their new office when they move instead of taking their existing furniture with them, this saves money for them as there is no staff downtime. This means we can offer you top of the line furniture that has barely been used at a fraction of the cost.

As part of our service we can offer free quotes and floor plans. Often giving you options that you may not have considered like refurbished office partitions, or refurbished office chairs.

Upgrade Your Workspace

Whether you realize it or not, you spend a great deal of your life in an office, in fact it may even be the best part of the day! Whether you are in an office building or your office is at home, it is important that it be suitably furnished and reflect not only order and efficiency but must also be comfortable and have a suitable theme or style.

The decor of your office can inspire you or depress you - even tell people something about you! It is therefore necessary for you to have an office space that is sophisticated yet inviting. Achieving this cheaply can be a problem.

Tacky decor can kill all positive impressions, ideally you want cheap furniture which is also tasteful. There are many discount office furniture ideas for offices on a tight budget; your job is to make sure you know what sort of style you want your office to have, determined by the type of equipment that your office is likely to require and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Before you utter one word to any client that walks through your door, your office furniture will already be doing the talking for you. So, what is your furniture saying to your clients?

Is it a statement of "Welcome to our successful business", or "We really are desperate for your money because we have none."

If you walk into an office that is well put together, you imagine that the business is doing well. Luckily you do not have to spend a lot of money to upgrade if you do it in a smart and economic way.




Save up to 70% on Ex Corporate

Free Quotes and Office Layouts

Selecting office furniture can be challenging.
Whether you’re opening a new office or are simply ready for upgraded office fit outs, we want to help.


About Us

We are an award winning, privately owned New Zealand company,
where smart business owners save time and money.

We buy top quality used office furniture from executive companies
and offer surplus new items too!

A huge quantity of quality office furniture at incredible value.
Ex corporate offices at a fraction of the original price, and we sell NZ wide and export.


Buy/Sell Office Furniture



Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes. There is a minimum fee of $85 for delivery and price is determined by a number of factors; Do the items have to go upstairs? How many items? Is there easy access for a truck etc.

Q. Can I come and view your stock?

A. Yes. We have a huge showroom at 318 Rosebank Road, Avondale which is open to the public 9am-3pm Mon-Fri and 9am-12pm Saturday.

Q. What days do you do auctions?

A. We do not hold public auctions on our premises, our auctions are all done on the vendors site.

Q. Do you hire for films and commercials?

A. Yes. The price depends on the items that are required, and the length of time they are required for. Come and see us to get a price for the items you need.

Q. Do your filing cabinets come with keys?

A. Yes and No. Some do come with keys and some do not. We have contacts for keys for most cabinets so you can easily obtain keys for around $10-$12

Q. Will you take our old furniture away?

A. Please send us some photos to sales@georgewalkers.co.nz and we will make you an offer if it is something we are interested in.

Q. Are you negotiable on price?

A. We can be it all depends on the items concerned and the quantity being bought.

Q. Can we pay on account?

A. Presently we are cash and carry but in some instances we are able to do this for some of our repeat customers.


Get in Touch